Naked Bits


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Naked Bits

What 2 things are wrong in this photo?

We've all played those games of 'what is wrong in this picture.'

Or "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things, doesn't belong..."
(Am I showing my age or do they still do that?)

There are two specific problems with this photo I'm looking for.

Things wrong, but not what I'm looking for:

  • Some are covering their penis
  • They have tan lines (gasp?!)
  • They are not fully naked

What are my two specific errors in the photo? (Here is the FULL PHOTO)

Please comment below and make a guess.


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  1. I still wear white socks! And the tall men should be in the back row not front!

  2. White socks, and the guy on the far left on the back row isn’t covering the goods

  3. White socks (likely wrong after labor day) and the guy in front has three balls!

  4. LOL what is my prize?

  5. One young man has white sox one and there is only one soccer ball

  6. I see the white socks, but really did not see any other.

  7. One guy in back is not covering his penis and there is one guy with white socks

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