Naked Bits

Video: Gameshows are much better with nude models

The British have less concern about the human body than, say, the Americans. This is a clip of the show, The Big Fat Quiz of Everything on Channel 4, asking contestants to name three different naked statues.

Radical Self Acceptance. Could you do this?

Two years ago Amy Pence-Brown started a private group on Facebook called the Boise Rad Fat Collective. They are a self-described "secret society of super-sized feminazis who can't get laid and sit around complaining about our ugly clothes while eating Big Macs and cake." Except, that's not what they are. That's whatsome might think they are. They actually are a group of socially engaged Idahoans of all shapes and sizes who are fed up with mainstream media and society telling them what a valuable body should do/be/act/look like. While it started with a handful of her best strong female friends, it's expanded now to include people she's never met. A video by The Liberators International went viral of a moving social experiment where a young Liberator named Jae West shed her clothing in Londo...

Spring Naked Bash draws millenial nudists

Arielle Castillo from the webcast Fusion visits with Florida Young Naturists at Sunsport Gardens in Palm Beach County, Fla. for their Naked Spring Bash. "You might think of nudism — or 'naturism,' depending on where you want to go, semantically — as solely the territory of diehard, original hippies and, like, Germans," Castillo said. "And that's true to some extent. But the naturist demographic is changing, with a rising number of 18-to-30-year-olds stripping off their clothes--and pretenses--for some recreation in the buff. So, naturally, we had to check it out. Turns out when you swap a bathing suit for a birthday suit, it becomes weirdly easy to make new friends and let it all hang out, both literally and figuratively."

Chiringuito No. 7

A comic book of a guy who realized he might be a nudist. A story of his struggles to be naked in the world without feeling like a pervert. When you open your mind the world is going to change!

Fence dispute leads to ‘naked party’ in a front yard

A Santa Rosa, Calif. homeowner got a lot of attention for the display of nude mannequins in his yard.  A neighbor filed a complaint that Jason Windus' new fence was to high, violating city code. He decided a naked garden party was a fitting response to having to take the fence down to three feet. “As you drive through the neighborhood you’ll see that nobody else’s fence had to be cut down but mine,” Windus told KTVU News. Windus built the 6-foot-high fence on his corner lot on to keep his dogs in, but agreed to cut the fence down after being threatened with a fine. “They were going to fine me a lot of money if I didn’t cut the fence down,” Windus said. “I don’t know who [the neighbor] is and I’m sure they’re not going to come forward.” Windus said he had the mannequins lying around in the ...

Livejn: Naked under a freezing waterfall

New York City Youtube creator Livejn takes a road trip adventure and hopes you will get inspired to go on one yourself. "In an attempt to go cliff jumping we ended up traversing through a decimated forest and had experiences we never have before," he said. "I really did put the sign back before we explored the forest."

First visit to a nude beach

Matthew Broderick visits a nude beach for the first time and is intimidated until he hears frank discussions of small penises and his friends (Dana Carvey, Nora Dunn, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller) sing "The Penis Song." [Season 14, 1988]

Comic: The Joy of Reading

Grant Snider, of Incidental Comics, did this fun piece for the New York Times. You can order posters at his shop.

Nine naturist blogs to watch

The blog Naked Wanderings put together a list of the nine nudist blogs you should keep an eye on in 2020. The Meandering Naturist "On The Meandering Naturist, Dan gives his unyielding opinion about naturist subjects in general and the naturist destinations he visits. No matter where he goes, his love for France always trickles through. But also faraway destinations like Thailand, Uruguay and California have become familiar to him." Nude and Happy "As a strong promoter of naturism, Marc shares his ideas about every single aspect of our wonderful lifestyle on his blog. He likes to ask questions. Is there really such a difference between being naked and wearing a bathing suit? Isn’t naturism actually just a hobby? You can read all about it on Nude and Happy. "Also popular on this blog is the ...

Naturist vs. Naturalist

Bob always found the difference between naturalists and naturists a bit confusing.

Video: Naked swimming was the norm

A documentary on nude swimming at school and YMCA in the past and why it stopped happening.