Naked Bits


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Naked Bits

Should I get totally naked during a massage?

This is a question that all massage therapists hear. We asked a local female massage therapist and here is what she said:

“I inform my clients that they can undress to their comfort level, and that they will be draped for the entirety of the massage.”

If you’re having lower-back issues, though, consider the benefits of being in the buff:

“I recommend removing underwear because a glute massage is essential for these types of ailments. And if you’ve never had your glutes and hips worked on, I highly recommend it. There are so many thick muscles in these areas, muscles that hardly ever get attention, and they all criss-cross and cause serious lower-back and hamstring issues.”

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  1. As a massage therapist myself, I also say “undress to your comfort level.” But, any clothes left on is a boundary not to be crossed. So, in the case of lower back tension it cannot really be addressed with underwear on as the gluts are an important contributor to the tension.

  2. Good stuff to know, thanks 🙂

  3. i always do

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