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Naked Bits

Jack Whitehall ‘Travels with my Father’ — Yoga

Jack Whitehall and his dad have gone where no father and son has dared venture on the small screen before: naked yoga. Yup, a fully naked Jack and his fully clothed dad hit up a naked yoga session in Los Angeles together for the new series of Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father.

Netflix have given us a sneak preview of just what we can expect and it’s fun, especially when Jack’s dad compares the comedian’s package to his classmates.

Credit where credit is due, Jack got fully immersed in the class and ditched his clothes to get the real authentic experience of naked yoga. That only opened him up to jibes from his suit-clad dad, who teased: ‘They’re all better endowed than you are. That excuse down there for a penis.’ ‘Look at that, huge,’ he says while sizing up another class-goer. ‘It’s like an oak tree, that one.’ Jack struggles to keep his composure and after hearing his dad’s commentary, we really don’t blame him.

Jack’s Netflix series see him and dad travel the world together. The first series saw the pair hit up South East Asia, before taking on Europe in series two and heading to the US for series three. Now living and working in LA, Jack wants to show Michael what the West Coast has to offer to try and persuade his dad to pack up and move across the pond with him.

Jack was a hit when he stepped in to host Graham Norton back in May. When he’s not been busy jetting off with his dad in tow, Jack has been impressing fans with his hosting duties. He fronted the Brit Awards in February and was seen filling in for Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show back in May.

Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father - Yoga from Leo McCrea on Vimeo.

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