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Naked Bits

New all-male clothing optional sailing trips

Tom, from Everything To See, wants to introduce the group to their clothing-optional travel operator company.

“We’re a recently launched niche travel operator, specializing in clothing-optional relaxed sailing trips for guys. Our boat — an all-wood traditional vessel — sails amongst islands in the calm Flores Sea (45 minutes from Bali, Indonesia). Exotic experiences include swimming in a magical stalactite-filled turquoise cave, viewing indigenous Komodo dragons and snorkeling in the most biodiverse environment on Earth. These are small group experiences, limited to 12 men as guests, plus our local crew, and two Western Group Leaders.

“Our prices are all-inclusive, meaning not only food and drinks (even beer, wine and cocktails),  but also some fun and unusual inclusions like massages and body-shaving. It’s social, it’s fun, it’s connected ... and it’s naked.

“Please visit our site for pics and more info:  

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  1. Great idea!

  2. Would LOVE to do this.

  3. This is awesome!

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