Naked Bits


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Walking naked in public

Naked Bits

So who was hurt by this?

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  1. Europe doesn’t have problems with nudity like here. Try that in SLC or Provo and see how fast you get arrested. Damn shame, wish it was acceptable around here. It is important that we all stick together.

  2. That video was dizzying. I would like to join in, though, and walk naked in the streets, I just don’t think I would like to go alone, you know?

  3. Mmmm he has a nice body yum

  4. Every year San Francisco has a 7 mile walk/run from downtown to beach called “Bay to Breakers”. There has been a small contingent of nudists that also joins in. Many years ago a friend and I participated and walked 7 miles naked thru downtown + residential + the park, to the beach. What a liberating event. IF anybody wants to do it in the future, I may join in with friends.

  5. It’s definitely an exhilaring feeling to be naked to the world in public.

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