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Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin isn’t the easiest thing in the world for a lot of people. From childhood most of us were conditioned by well-meaning parents to embrace some very conservative standards of modesty. While that training may have been intended to simply instill is us the impropriety of exposing our private parts to others, except in very limited circumstances, for many of us it produced a deeply felt sense of ambivalence about our own nude bodies.

Still some people manage to discover just how good it actually feels to spend time naked at times other than when bathing or engaging in sex and start to question the rather puritanical standards of modesty they were inured to as children. Some even make a conscious decision to disregard those traditional modesty customs and instead learn to embrace nudity by exploring the naturist lifestyle.

Perhaps you are one of those people who finds yourself interested in exploring naturism but just aren’t quite sure how to start. While you have started to question the notion that there is anything wrong with enjoying spending time in the nude, visiting a nudist resort isn’t an idea you are comfortable with just yet. While social nudity is one way of exploring naturism here are five ways of learning to be comfortable in your own skin sans clothing.

Spend time naked at home

The easiest place to learn to be comfortable with your own nudity is within the complete privacy of your own home. Simply remove all your clothes and experiment with ordinary activities while nude like house cleaning, cooking, television watching, or reading a good book. Sleeping in the nude is another excellent way to start learning to be comfortable in your own skin.

Try nudity in your own back yard

Since learning to live in harmony with nature is one of the chief tenants of naturism, spending time nude outdoors is where many people find nudity to be the most pleasant and enjoyable. If you have a backyard or even a patio protected by a privacy fence so that you can avoid the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby you have a ready venue to sunbathe in the nude, go for a skinny dip if you have a pool, or simply enjoy the pleasurable sensations of wind and sun on every square inch of your naked body.

Enjoy going nude on a rural acreage

If you are lucky enough to live on a rural acreage instead of within the confines of a busy urban area, you have endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying nature in the nude. You can take pleasure in nude sunbathing, nude gardening, or, if your property is large enough and there are plentiful trees that screen your property from the view of public roads and neighbors, you can even enjoy taking walks in the nude. At this point you will be entering the realm of “public nudity” even while being nude on private property so you must be aware of public nudity laws and your responsibility to avoid offending others with your nudity.

Get nude on public lands

There are millions of acres of remote public lands in the U.S. where you can enjoy activities like nude hiking and nude camping. There are both state and federal public lands with remote areas where a person can commune with nature while nude without too much concern over running afoul of public nudity laws. National forest lands are recommended for naturist activities because of the remoteness and vastness factors along with the fact that generally few other people are encountered. Once again, public lands means “public nudity” so one must be aware of public laws prohibiting nudity and the responsibility of not offending someone who might lodge a complaint.

Visit a nude beach

If you are curious about experiencing social nudity but don’t feel quite ready to visit one of the nudist resorts, a visit to a nude beach might be just the thing. You might be surprised to learn that visiting a nude beach doesn’t require a trip to somewhere like California or Florida. Many states have public or private lakes where nudity is, perhaps unofficially, permitted.

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