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Video: Beautiful Strange, photography by UMeN member Tom Clark

Naked Bits

Beautiful Strange – Photography by Tom Clark from Tom Clark on Vimeo.

A collection of Tom Clark’s fine art imagery featuring his work with men. Accompanying the presentation is Bedrock’s music ‘Beautiful Strange’ which also serves as the title for this collection. You will likely see at least one person you know in this set.

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  1. Yes beautiful photos and music!

  2. Tom Clark’s images are, of course, beautiful and archetypal, reaching the level of artistry of the late Herb Ritts. I especially like the way the male body and the landscape become one. Are these images available to view locally?

  3. That is pretty cool. Great compositions, lighting, and subjects.

  4. This is the first time I have seen Tom Clark’s video. I am impressed with his eye & creativity for beauty + sensuality + color + imagination + depth into the male figure, etc… Thanks for sharing…

  5. wow, I love this beautiful video.

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