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Naked Bits

Robbie Williams would be a naturist if he had ‘an extra inch and a half’

Robbie Williams thinks his penis is ‘quite small’. The 41-year-old singer — who has Theodora (3) and 11-month-old Charlton with his actress wife Ayda Field — has admitted that the size of his member is the only thing stopping him from becoming a naturist.

He told The Sun: “I’ve always said to past girlfriends, ‘It’s not a small cock, I’ve got massive thighs and it’s an optical illusion’. It’s not though, it really is quite small! So if I had an extra inch and a half, I’d be a naturist. But I haven’t, so I’m not.”

robbiewilliamsI've always found, however, that those men who joke about having a small penis are actually those who have the largest.

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  1. Two thoughts.

    1) A true naturist knows it is about acceptance not body image or size. He may not fully understand the ways of the nudist.

    2) EVERY man wishes he had “an extra inch and a half” down there.


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