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Naked Bits

Belarusians strip naked after accidental order from their president

Belarusians have been stripping down naked at their offices and posting images to social media after a slip of tongue by autocratic leader Alexander Lukashenko left him suggesting people should "get undressed and work."

russieUndressedWork2_w“Innovations, IT technologies, privatization — it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them. But in the end, it is very simple: one should get undressed and work,” the leader told a conference in Minsk last week.

Analysts of Russian say that the 61-year-old Mr Lukashenko probably meant to say “develop” (развивать) instead of strip off (раздеваться), as the two verbs sound very similar. Develop sounds like "press-ear-vatch" and get undressed sounds like "pyess-ear-vatza."

But this linguistic nuance mattered little to Belarusians, who seemed delighted at the opportunity to get naked and poke a little fun at their leader, who is about to celebrate 22 years in power.

russieUndressedWork4_wUnder the hashtag #getnakedandgotowork, office workers, hospital staff, gardeners, joiners and many more began to post saucy pictures of themselves and workmates engaging in their usual business in the buff.

Most of the comments went along the lines of “If our leader says we must…”, according to the Russia Today media outlet.

“An order came from the top. As good citizens…” was Sergey Semenkov’s acidic comment on Instagram, posted along with a photograph of himself and a young woman apparently taking a scantily clad break from their studies.

russieUndressedWork5_wMusicians joined in the fun, with several musical versions of the president’s unintended joke also trending on the internet.

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