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Naked Bits

Naturist Idea #9: Go on a Nakation

#9 in our Naturist Advent Calendar

Naturism and vacation go well together. A naturist vacation is generally called a nakation (naked vacation). Think about going to a warm area, in the middle of nature or on a tropical sea shore and not having to wear anything but your smile, and you will have a fairly good idea of what a nakation is.

A while back I wrote 5 reasons why nakation is the best vacation. Those 5 reasons are more valid than ever. Enjoying no tan line is beautiful. However, having to spend time with like-minded people is probably the most enjoyable part of a nakation. In a naturist environment, everybody will be naked (although newbies can enjoy a first day clothed in some clubs) and you will be able to stay naked the whole holidays. And of course, you will make new friends who can become naturist friends for life opening new opportunities to spend naked time.

Nakations can take many forms. The best is to chose a clothing optional resort. There are many such resorts in Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, the Caribbeans, in France, Spain and Greece for beach lovers, or in nature in many countries in the world. Search for naturist travel agents on the internet to find the right spot for your next nakation. Actually, there are so many naturist and clothing optional resorts and clubs that you can spend the rest of your holidays naked somewhere in the world.

If you cannot go to a naturist resort, you can still enjoy a nakation by spending time a the closest nudist beach or hiking naked as much as you can for instance. You can look for naturist-friendly rentals or secluded place in nature where you will be able to be butt naked. Over the years, I’ve discovered that once you have naturism in mind, it becomes possible to be naked in lots of places, even when they are not naturist per se. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of asking.

Whatever your choice of location, nakation is a great choice of holiday. No laundry, no tan lines, no worries! Travel light and spend a great time naked with your friends and families, because sharing is caring and it funnier!

Share your comments below and remember to Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I have spent individual days naked on vacation–a day at a nude beach in Fort Lauderdale, a day at a clothing optional Resort in Palm Springs. I’m looking forward to some nude camping with all of you this summer. If anyone wants a travel companion for a nude Vacation, be sure to think of me.

  2. Do you have more information about the photograph? If so, are they at the Maspalomas dunes in the Canary Islands? I have some very fond memories of stumbling across a nude volleyball game there as an LDS missionary many years ago. Who would like to go back with me to visit the place?

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