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Naked Bits

First day of Spring

“When I cast off my clothes, I cast off my cares.” —Horace Walpole

The first day of springtime doesn’t guarantee a spontaneous arrival of balmy temperatures, sunshine and blue skies. No seasonal transition delivers immediate change in prevailing weather conditions anywhere on our planet. Nature doesn’t operate on the principle of instant gratification.

It does give us a psychological advantage: the bitter and frigid temperatures of winter are headed into oblivion. Gradually, we’ll experience a warming in the air and the rebirth of both flowers and foliage. A colorful resurrection of nature from the barren, dormant past three months.

Personally, the first day of Spring brings a renewed surge of energy. It’s easier to get out of bed in the morning. Boring and repetitive daily routines lose some of their dullness. I have a new bounce in my step as I go about my business. My eyes see the world with a fresh awareness of all that’s around me. Mentally, I’m alert and enthusiastic.

Realistically, I seriously doubt that I’ll shed all my clothes and cavort nude through the local park today. Many may think me foolish (for whatever reason), but I am not a complete fool. Just as leaves don’t magically reappear on trees overnight, my garments don’t automatically disappear from my body on this date (at least, not while I’m outdoors).

I take comfort in the knowledge that Spring is officially here. The anxiety of another day of winter melts away, replaced with the fact that the first crocus has appeared and all will be right with nature. The extra layers of bulky outerwear will surrender to rising temperatures and even longer hours of daylight. All is right with the world and balance is restored to my life.

Good morning, sunshine! Happy Spring, 2014! Welcome!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

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  1. I really like your Post. It is Positive and uplifting and encouraging!

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