Naked Bits


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Naked Bits

Spencer Tunick returning to Sydney. Let’s go.

U.S. artist Spencer Tunick’s next mass nude installation will take place in November at a Sydney beach.

‘We’re hoping for a rainbow of people,’ he says. He is calling for 2,500 people to show up and shed their clothes.

This installation was commissioned by the charity Skin Check Champions to raise awareness of skin cancer and coinciding with National Skin Cancer Action Week. It will take place on 26 November at a Sydney beach.

It will be the fourth Australian project for Tunick, who attracted global attention for his Sydney Opera House work featuring 5,000 nude Australians as part of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. In 2018, the artist made headlines for battling with supermarket chain Woolworths to shoot his Chapel Street series in Melbourne.

The beach Tunick has selected for his next project has not been revealed, although, given the artist’s penchant for landmark locations, Bondi would be a frontrunner. The exact location will only be made known a week prior to the day, to those who have signed up online to be part of the work.

“I’m almost embarrassed to say this but [the secrecy] involves tradition,” Tunick told Guardian Australia, speaking from his New York studio.

“I have a little formula that works, that feels good. And in these days and times, a week’s notice is like a year.”

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