Naked Bits


Remember the Olympics used to be Naked

The world all seemed to turn their attention to London last summer, celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games. As we look forward to the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we of Uth Male Naturists would like to remind folks that the original Olympics were played in the nude. For centuries! There were some great things about holding these events whilst naked: There was no way to get an edge over an opponent by what an athlete wore. Today whole swimming events are won or lost based upon how scientific a body-suit is designed. Shouldn't the athlete's ability decide competitions? No logos, merchandising, or licensing... at least not on apparel! It promoted a natural appreciation of the human body. It was much more interesting for the crowds! You can read more about the nudity in these sporting eve...


The Merman of Mirror Lake

In the high Uintah Mountains of Utah is beautiful Mirror Lake. In addition to its wonderful fishing, Mirror Lake allegedly is called home to a mythical sea creature. Said to resemble a well-built man above the waist and a large fish below, the legend has been around from the days when only Indians inhabited this area. When white settlers came to the valley, the Shoshone Indians inhabiting the area told of how the creature had often been spotted as they fished the mountain lake, taking their catch. Their description of the manimal sounded much like a human-sized fish. According to the many who have spied the merman, it has a human-like head with sandy-brown hair, a beautiful mouth, and a scaled tail that it uses to move swiftly through the water. Others have said they have seen the creature...


Why, oh Y?

Ask any guy who grew up in the 1950s and belonged to his local YMCA and he'll let you in on a well-known "secret." Guys used to swim naked there. Moreover, there were often "solariums" or outdoor sunning porches where nude sunbathing was common. Old and young, grandpas, dads and their sons, those in shape or who needed to get in shape, had one great equalizer: you swam and sunned in what God gave ya. Sometime, perhaps during the 1960s or so, things began to change. No doubt it had some to do with going co-ed. Then it became more difficult to avoid an awkward, unplanned, "meeting of the genders" if a female opened the wrong door or showed up during the men's swim hour. But the change also probably had much to do with the ways society was morphing too. The sexual revolution made some circums...