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4-Corners gay campout

Hey guys,

Every year for the past 18, the gay community of the Four-Corners area in Durango/Cortez do a campout. Last year, they had about 70 people show. I was made aware of this by the guy who runs one of the Denver gay nudist groups and they have gone down several years. Yes, the campout allows nudity in certain areas - yaay!

4CornersCampoutInfo on the Four Corners Regional CampOUT is here:

It is July 18-22, the weekend before we have scheduled our Pionude Day campout, and I am wondering about moving ours to the four-day 4th of July weekend this year. I intend to do to the 4-corners regardless of whether the group wants to go as well, but I'd love some familiar company.

This is not a UMeN-run event, and UMeN rules wouldn't apply, but the camp rules would. But, their motto is "Campers can make their weekends as wet, wild and wonderful or as relaxing and reinvigorating as they want them to be. What happens on the lake stays on the lake!"

Oh, did I mention it is in a national forest right on a lake? The event happens at a secluded campgrounds with its own private beach area at the beautiful McPhee Reservior in Dolores, Colorado. The camp fee is only $10 per person, which includes Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. I'm thinking we could do a special event at our naked campsite - a naked lunch or brunch - Saturday afternoon.

I'd like to gauge people's interest. It is 5 days long, and some might want to go for all 5, and some possibly for 3. It is a long drive (6 hours each way) for anything less.

People with RVs or trailers who can bring a group could make it a fun drive.

Talk amongst yourselves.


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  1. This is an exciting prospect of a campout. I would like to plan on going. I have a 38 ft. Heartland Big Country 5th Wheeler that I camp with. My truck holds four people in captains chairs. I can sleep four in my unit without using the floor, two beds. There is plenty of room with three slide outs. Since pulling my unit there with my diesel would cost a bit at 11.5 mpg, I would need to have all share the fuel costs. Also, going that far would only be worth it if we stayed the whole five naked days. Anyone interested???

    I think I went to the 4 corners as kid about 10 yrs old…many many moons ago… wigwams totempoles… paints pinto rides.. GAY HUNTING GROUNDS MY MY MY

  3. This totally sounds like a great event. Will try to go. I have a 40ft 5th wheel. Sleeps 4.

  4. Hey guys, I’m one of the organizers of this CampOut. Always a good time. If you need more info, give me a shout. If you plan to bring a camper, let me know as we will reserve some space or rv pads for you.

  5. I love the idea. Sounds like a great campout. I will make evey effort to attend.

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