Naked Bits

Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun get naked at a Korean spa

I truly thought we had posted this in Naked Bits a long time ago, but I cannot find it. Late night host Conan O'Brien and The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun stripped down and made friends with other naked men at a Korean-style sauna before jumping into the cold tub, which looks about as unpleasant as it sounds. Then they had their flesh ripped off in a body scrub that actually turned Conan's skin as pink as the plastic beneath him. It is a fun 10-minute watch, but you can skip the first 2 minutes if you just want the Naked Bits.

‘A Star Is Born’ actor Bradley Cooper got naked in his screen debut

In 2001 baby-faced Bradley Cooper visited a bude beach in Croatian, after which he swears he'll never wear clothes again.

‘Unique Business Opportunity’: Buy a New Zealand Naturist Park

If you’ve ever felt like owning a business where you can just let it all hang out, this might be the opportunity for you. A naturist park in Katikati, New Zealand, has recently gone on the market. The park, which is set on 14 acres of unspoiled countryside features exquisitely landscaped grounds, motel units, cabins, caravans, 51 powered campsites, and more than 20 tent sites. Other amenities include a café, an in-ground swimming pool, a spa and a sauna, as well as a mini-golf course, petanque, table tennis, a pool table and a library, and numerous other fun activities. The park, which welcomes overnight guests and day visitors, is carefully guarded by an electronic security gate. For the future owner, the park also offers a 3-bedroom home with a carport, reception area, storage and worksh...

It’s legal to be naked (anywhere) in Seattle

From KUOW: Nudity was made legal there in the case of Seattle v. Johnson. Yes, really Little known Seattle factoid: City law allows you to be nude anywhere, any time. Not, however, if you flaunt it and make others uncomfortable. (Flashers, be warned.) Despite this free range law, nudists stick to pockets of the city where others openly express their nudity. One recent warm afternoon, about a dozen naked people relaxed on the lawn at Howell Park on the shores of Lake Washington. Most of the sunbathers were men, laying on blankets or towels reading books, eating snacks, or resting with their eyes closed. The tiny park, known as Hidden Beach to longtime locals in the Madrona neighborhood, is surrounded by tall bushes that hide it from the road. To clothed Dave Warnock, however, this was his g...

Utah school dismisses art teacher for showing art with nudity

Teachers shouldn't be punished for educating kids about non-sexual nudity. — ATTN: (@attn) January 10, 2018 Some of the art seen by the students which, by the way, was from the school library:

Walking naked in public

So who was hurt by this?

10 myths about naturism and naturists

by Felicity Jones As naturists, there are certain false assumptions we hear over and over again, and myths that are perpetuated by the media. Here we debunk 10 popular myths about naturism and naturists. Myth #1. Naturists / nudists are naked all the time. Most of us can’t be naked all the time. Even if we live in a nudist club, it’s still necessary to venture outside, and that usually requires pants. How often one can be naked depends on climate, location, what nudist spots are nearby, etc. Also, many nudists don’t want or don’t have a need to be naked all the time. Some people get home and immediately undress out of constricting uncomfortable work clothes. Others switch into pajamas or take off only their top or bottom. Of course, there are also those who can’t be home nudists because of...

Video – Jan Fabre Mount Olympus – To glorify the cult of tragedy

The centerpiece of the 2017 Belgrade international theatre festival was a 24-hour performance of Jan Fabre’s majestic, exhausting and exhilarating Mount Olympus: To Glorify the Cult of Tragedy. A hallucinatory vision of Homeric themes and characters, it presented a Dionysian orgy of madness, murder, incest, feminism, music (rave and arias) and extreme sports (skipping, dancing, fighting, loving).

Naturist idea #33: Be a naked model

Being naked is natural. There’s nothing more natural than just being who you are without any artificial cover. Posing nude for art students is one of the most natural and normal artistic activities. The human body is one of the most beautiful creations. There are numerous wonderful nude paintings. However, to learn how to paint human bodies, artists need models. A lot of art schools are asking for models to pose naked or clothed. Being a naturist, getting naked should not be big a problem. Staying still for hours will be, but art teachers will provide ample poses so you can relax, and move. Of course, you may argue that posing naked is not truly enjoying nudity. It’s true that staying still for hours may not be the best experience of your life. But, for some, it’s a great way to make some ...

Naturist idea #32: Hang and display your nakation pictures

We all love pictures and keeping memories of our past good times and holidays. However, when it comes to nakation, the question of sharability of our pictures can be asked. Let’s think for a moment. Most of us, if not all, would hang our best family pictures on the wall. We would as well hang beautiful art pictures or paintings, some depicting nude bodies, like the picture on the left. The question is why not mixing both, and hanging holiday pictures of our nakations? What is wrong with it? sOur friends and families may see us naked would you argue? If you are a naturist, many people have seen us naked and this has not created an outcry. When you look at your past holiday pictures, you are happy, naked or not. Therefore, I believe we should not make any difference when it comes to naked pi...

Naturist Idea #31 – Join a nude swim

Some naturist clubs and federations around the planet organize nude events at a local swimming pool. The Paris Naturist Association, for instance, have made possible to swim naked three evenings every week in a public swimming pool in Paris and to workout naked five times a week. In Utah, Wasatch Naturists hosts a monthly nude swim in Ogden the third Sunday of the month (with some exceptions). The cos a is $20 for one, but bring a friend and it's $20 for both! You can also look for a public swimming pool that would agree to open its doors at some specific hours to naturists. If you gather enough naturists who are interested, this may be possible, as other’s experiences prove it. Not only is swimming a very healthy exercise, by joining a naturist swimming club you will help spread the messa...

Naturist Idea #30 – Do your house chores naked

We all need to do some chores at one point. Typically, it’s a time to get wet and dirty, so the ideal clothes for this are no clothes! As simple as this, and so much more comfortable. Washing the dishes, mopping the floor or dusting your library seems much more fun when done naked. I really never understood why, and I doubt there is any scientific study about this, but it’s a personal fact. House chores seem less painful when done naked. And if you can share them with your spouse, they are even funnier. Now, let’s think a minute about our nudist lives. If you live nude most of the times indoor and outdoor, doing house chores naked is kind of obvious. However, if you are thinking about nudism, but do not know where to start, this could be one activity you want to discover naked. It’s a grea...